Go Local!


There is no better way to direct your spending than
to Local and Independent businesses of all sorts and sizes.  
Apparel is just one, which we happen to be all about.

National chain stores and internet sites (Wall Street) are not without their merit.  
But hardly any of them are based in Michigan.  
Everything they spend to support their stores and sites benefits attorneys, CPAs, graphic artists, local advertising vehicles and countless other businesses outside of YOUR local economy.
Helping others, not our own. Siphoning dollars out of
Wyandotte, Downriver, Wayne County, and Michigan.
Plus, all of their profitability leaves the area and state, depriving
us of working capital that could be benefitting our area.

So congratulations for your conscious decision to maximize the leverage of your spending power.  
You help employ people here.  You help other businesses enjoy the benefit of vibrant, local & independent businesses that all support each other, and that do their best to support our home turf.
CHELSEA and Willow Tree are proud of our affiliations.  
Click on any of these logos below to learn more about your power. 
THE power to affect the health of your local economy.

For Your Influential Role in Shaping Our Downriver Economy!